History of Environmental Education

Why do policy makers think it is important and necessary to conduct environmental education? What challenges did Government encounter when regulating “Environmental Education Act”? Did public support this policy at the time it was regulated? Was the Government blamed for this policy? What were the groups that opposed this policy?

It has been 30 years since we tried to carry out the environmental education; the civil groups, schools, individuals, and governments can therefore recognize and agree on this policy, which various effective outcomes resulted from great efforts are commonly seen.

The human resources, funds, facilities or relevant resources devoted to environmental education from government and civil were obviously insufficient due to the wide range of environmental education, which made it unable to deepen completely and wait for a more perfect regulation and rules for governance.

Further, to respond the issues of global warming, damages to ecological system, and shortage of energy and foods, an educational bill, regarding “environment” as core concept, is urgently necessary to be established to effectively bring up public’s realization, and therefore to protect our environment to achieve the goal of sustainable development, which is also the main purpose of this Act. Hence, the public, in general, support this Act without strong and severe oppositions.