Are courses framed under level of Government or each school? To what extent the Government supervises the implementation of courses?

The main purpose to frame the environmental education policy is a process of citizenship education process that how to make people focus on the environmental ethics and improve the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of eco-protection by teaching method to achieve the goal of sustainable development. If the courses/ plans are framed by the Government, it may cause controversies of independent leaning because eco-education engaged in a wide range of fields. Thus there are no directive regulations on courses, whilst leaving rooms for each school to consider and develop its creativity to design the best courses.

In the stage of courses carryout, the Government will not interfere because the Act is not a controlled and restricted regulation. The Government will check the carryout after is has been reported to the Environmental Education Management System. If schools fail to report the carryout, a period of 3 months for correction will be given, and if corrections are failed, those schools will be liable for fine and training courses.