What does legislation of environmental education really need? What will environmental education courses need?

The value of legislation of eco-education is to promote environmental education, let people understand the interdependent relationship between individual and environment, improve public’s environmental ethics and responsibilities, and cultivate eco-citizenship and eco-learning communities by eco-protection, life respect, and social justice to achieve a sustainable development and improve public’s ethics to our environment. Besides, to synthesize eco-educational resources by legislation render foundation for funds and trainings/ seminars.

Government agencies, state-run enterprises and institutions, school districts up to the junior high school level and nonprofit organizations receiving the government’s subsidy fund exceeding fifty percent shall draft and finalize an environmental education plan on/before January 31 of each year, to promote environmental education, where all employees, faculty and study body shall participate over four hours of environmental education prior to December 31 each year, and are required to declare the current year’s environmental education implementation results with the competent central government authorities via the Internet declaration means on/before January 31 of the following year, according to the Article 19 of the Act. The courses must include purpose of plan, objectives, schedule, methods, brief contents, expected benefits, and other designated items appointed by the competent authorities.

Of any neutral persons, incorporated entities, non-incorporated organizations that have appointed a representative or a manager, central or local government agencies (institutions) or other organizations that should fall under any of the following circumstances, the ruling agency is also to order said neutral person, incorporated entity, and agency or organization’s representative or manager holding the representation right or charged with environmental production to receive an environmental seminar over one hour and up to eight hours.